Mine Sites

Mine Sites

Mine Sites Centurion Temporary Fencing has temporary fencing on mining sites all over WA. We don’t have a network of agents in the mining regions but we are normally cheaper than the companies that do use agents because we are not charging the prices required to cover the margins of two companies. Occupational health & safety is very stringent on all mine sites and compliance is a must. Don’t take any chances when it comes to securely and safely fencing the entire site or areas within it. Centurion has a range of products and procedures that comply with OH&S and the new Australian Standard (AS4687 Temporary fencing and hoardings).

In addition to our standard range of products we also have the following products available that may be of interest or may even have been specified by operational procedures: New two part temporary fence foot (each part weighing 16gk to further reduce the weight of a one man lift), Rubber bases (18kg – 1 man lift), Flat steel plate feet (reduces trip hazards), Anti climb fence panel (aperture of 150mm x 60mm). Transport to site can be organised by you or we can arrange it. Either way the fence can normally be on site within a couple of days. Installation can also be organised by you, this will certainly help keep the cost down. If this is not an option we can supply operatives to install and dismantle.

In addition to the hire of products, Centurion Temporary Fencing has a temporary fencing sales division, see product sales page for more info. 

Please call or email if you would like any more information or advice.

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