Housing Sites

Housing Sites

If you are a house builder or owner builder you will be pleasantly surprised by the low cost of fencing your site for the duration of the build. You might even find that the cost is offset by a reduction in your insurance premiums. It is also highly likely that temporary fencing, if used correctly, will keep vandals and thieves off your site and reduce the likelihood of replacing stolen materials and repairing damaged property.

Temporary fencing only works if it is installed correctly which is something Centurion Temporary Fencing guarantee.

  • There will be no gaps left where the fence meets existing boundaries, we will tie the temporary fencing in where ever possible.
  • There will be no big spaces underneath our fence, which may exist because the ground is uneven, we will either level the ground or install pest mesh at the bottom of the panels to fill the gaps.
  • In short you will be left with a secure site that we guarantee will pay for itself one way or another over the duration of the build.

There are many people in the housing industry that are concerned about the possibility of temporary fencing becoming law, as is the case in several of the eastern states. We have canvassed opinion with HIA member and the main objection against temporary fencing becoming law is cost and housing affordability. That and the ever increasing amount of legislation that builders are been forced to accept. Centurion Temporary Fencing can’t do anything about what, if when and how the legislation might come in but what we can say is that we install temporary fencing to housing sites on a daily basis and the cost, for the duration of the build, is very rarely more than for $500.00. It’s not as expensive as it once was and it could help avoid a variety of problems that you could well do without.

If you remain unconvinced by the hiring option but like the idea of using temporary fencing why not contact us to discuss buying your own fence. In response to an increase in demand from builders, landscapers and demolition companies who expressed an interest in buying temporary fencing Centurion Temporary Fencing set up a sales division in 2008 that sells a wide range of temporary fencing products. This option doesn’t suit everyone but over a period of time it is cost effective and might be the solution you are looking for. Please call us to discuss the products available and associated pricing. As with the hiring option the cost of buying temporary fencing has reduced in recent years so what was once an expensive exercise might now be a smart addition to your business

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