Constructions Sites

Construction Sites

Gone are the days when installing temporary fencing on your construction sites was something you might question because of the cost. The market in WA was controlled by a small number of temporary fencing suppliers and prices reflected the lack of competition. The market has opened up in recent years and if you haven’t looked into the cost of temporary fencing recently you might be pleasantly surprised.

If you like the idea of using temporary fencing but for whatever reason remain unconvinced by the hiring option Centurion Temporary Fencing has a division selling a wide range of temporary fencing products.

We keep kilometres of fence in stock in our yard in Malaga to meet the demands of the hire and sales markets in WA. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the options and pricing in more detail.

Our temporary fencing systems have been designed and developed over the last 12 years to meet the requirements of our clients and to comply with the Australian Standard AS4687 that was approved in October 2007. In our hire business we use concrete blocks, water filled  bases, steel plate feet  & rubber bases to suit all site environments.

There are many extras available like Pest Mesh, Height Extension’s, Barbed Wire and Shade Cloth but if you have a particular problem that isn’t solved by the standard fence or one of the extra options we will work with you to design a solution

A construction site is an ever changing place and as such the temporary fencing requirement can change on a regular basis. We recognise this and feel that the service we provide during the project is a key factor in building a trusting relationship with our clients. Often the changes to the temporary fencing need to be done at short notice and as such it is important that our service during the project is as good as the initial service. We find that most sites have requirements to relocate fence and some may even need fence removing and then bringing back at a later date. In these circumstances we have procedures in place to track the fence and ensure that any extra charges are kept to a minimum.

Please call or email if we can help in any way!

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